Secret get 3 days behind the secret network fundraising 110 thousand

is not the same as the general public to raise the value of micro network transformation to do basic knowledge training, not only to raise funds raised, but also to raise public wisdom.

micro value is the October 3, 2014 issue of the transition to do technical training, pure shares 5 people, each of 16 thousand, accounting for 2% of shares. Technology stocks 8000 per person, get their own training income of 70%, but also to get a stake of 1%. After the issue of the article, three days after contact with the requirements of the people to join the pure equity, the more than and 10 want to enter the technology stocks, and later left only 4 technology stocks to join, because technology stocks are the core, careful choice. Three days to raise funds for a total of 110 thousand!

this time to change soon, before we are still playing Taobao, play flow, engage in bidding in Baidu, suddenly the herd, stationed in the unfamiliar street, WeChat, YY, micro voice. WeChat circle of friends or by various Shuabing marketing, selling the mask, selling honey, walnut, sell fruit, sell jade, almost can sell things, you can find in the circle of friends. Of course, WeChat itself does not put the micro business, WeChat marketing in the first place, circle of friends is more to share life, rather than full of advertising. Especially since the media suddenly hot, everyone in good writing, finally found his high school not white writing, writing a little short of writing also participated in various training courses, training. Immediately share a money making benefits: you specialize in how to write articles that are well written and easier to spread. This market is very large, can meet.

so we have a question, why do some people run WeChat to come?

brother seeking to think that there are several, understand them, you understand why I like this grassroots can also raise hundreds of thousands of funds on the network.

first, the mobile Internet has changed the connection and flow of information

we all know, in fact, such a search engine Baidu, through search to check the distribution of traffic, and then seek benefits. We do personal website or, or to make electricity supplier website traffic are in fact Baidu, 360 search, search, Sogou search on what you do, SEO, can really bring some credit can not flow, but the conversion rate will be more low. Then look at Taobao, if you buy things in Taobao, you are the first through the computer search keywords such as "underwear", search after the result is the about 2000000 baby, your choice may be in front of a relatively large volume of low prices (if you are high-end people, estimated the price is relatively high. Sales is also good), you click on the baby, can browse other users comments. Yes, this is the PC era of information connection.

and the mobile Internet has changed the way this information is connected, the mobile terminal allows us to connect to the network on a regular basis, see the function of WeChat will know that it removed the so-called online, it is always online. Traffic will be cheaper, it should be free. The mobile terminal of the App can be described as their functions: the innumerable.

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