Yiqifa Kingsoft CPA download online advertising

CPA download Kingsoft online advertising

        07 years, Kingsoft with high quality products and good market strategy, by the network users crazy download, only less than half the time   reached nearly 50 million downloads times.
        Kingsoft launched a 37 day free trial, try before you buy mode, but also to promote the initiative to download network users. As long as the website with Kingsoft, users will have to download. High quality products, strong brand driving force to become your site   revenue support! As a prerequisite for the provision of a service. Don’t promise to install Kingsoft without browsing   any form of stakeholders to provide. This may cause your union account to be closed.
 : a generous commission system;       Internet security alliance to take lucrative commissions installed system is higher than the industry average returns to the webmaster, CPA cooperation,   according to the users level payment to the webmaster promotion commission.
commission system table:  
1    499    0.2    /  a
500-19999 installed capacity of     0.3  /  an installed capacity of
20000 and more than   0.4  /    element; an installed capacity of  

my site for installation of bully alliance?
        navigation, download, technology, blog, community and professional websites are suitable for the installation of bully alliance.
Duba alliance provides a well-designed advertisement for you (Banner), users click on the ads into the middle of the page to download, download and install it to your site to increase the installed capacity of 1 (Advisory Station for navigation station). You can also be placed directly on your site with your site know   do not identify the download link (suitable for download stations, resource stations).

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