n the text of the ad can become the subversion of online advertising

      the (In-Text Advertising) is an Internet advertising the latest intelligent advertising model, is the realization of hypertext connection mode in text advertising chain and trigger mode is mainly embodied in the article, the so called text advertising. This will be the model in the domestic representative products Click Eye "classic" as an example, analyzing the difference between the model and the traditional online advertising and search advertising and selling point.

      Click Eye "dotting" by Beijing longtuo Interactive Advertising Co., Ltd. launched a product, its basic principle is, system retrieval, analysis of web content through semantic, real-time tracking of user behavior and monitoring system, the web page text keywords will be loaded on the advertising audience after the implementation of precise matching of advertising content and text, and through semantic matching system, a new network advertising in the advertising target population put straight.

      simply said, "dotting the precision marketing advertising" is to Internet users concerned about the network final pages of text text as the carrier, real-time analysis of reader behavior and web pages, according to the correlation between the interest of consumers and the content of the article, automatically tag keywords, and through semantic matching system, to achieve accurate matching ads with text the network advertisement service products.

      the emerging Internet advertising to achieve intelligent performance, advertising contact completely by the audience active trigger, when the audience in the keywords of interest, as long as the mouse moved to the keywords, suspended advertising keywords will appear near the related text, pictures, video, carousel, flash the form is rich and strong. The audience can read the contents of the ad, you can also click on the ad into the advertising content contains links to the site.

      form of dotting advertising is very diverse, text, pictures, carousel (variety Flash, floating window), the combination of video, the audience can focus advertising to describe the overall understanding of dotting advertising, also can click on ads floating window into the corresponding site or page for further understanding of advertising information. Advertising trigger, entirely by the audience mouse floating window display design fine text and other forms of advertising glorified, make advertising become the focus of.

      this kind of advertisement can also track the behavior of users, accurate records of every keyword display number, click on the number and exposing time, provide the detailed and reliable data for the user, the user can click on the display, according to the number of actual payment according to maximum extent, saving the cost of advertising. At the same time, click >

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