Return to Changsha the road to our hard start

after graduation in June 2008, we went to Beijing alone. In this bustling capital, everywhere is full of complex atmosphere. That kind of strange is a kind of indescribable bitterness, sometimes make you want to cry, and sometimes will arouse your heart the most primitive impulse, and sometimes even let you gush a puzzling passion.

Tang Jialing, the ant colony, we stayed for 1 and a half years. Until now, I still remember that winter, every family for heating and burning firewood smoke; also cannot forget, a rainy, muddy road; but not forget, on the bus, many times we were packed not human. Two years later, we gradually moved away from the home of the grave, meiko, Jishuitan bridge. Mingguang bridge memory is the most beautiful, comfortable house, ventilation, convenient transportation, and recent work from jinwuxing that department is close to the market, there is a supermarket opposite, is to have as well as the position.

if we continue to stay in Beijing, we will not be very poor, at least a little money, at least a little better than the average office workers, but we do not have a sense of belonging. We even began to resist and the landlord exchange, resistance and the Beijing exchange, that is a kind of mentality, I think, you know, you will understand, you don’t understand, you will never understand.

resolutely in June 2013, we returned to the Changsha. The beginning of joy, is mixed with bitter. Even if we live in the 120 spacious house, eat the parents carefully prepared meal, Bianzhuohuayang meals, but for the cause of the loss, we cannot make. Interview salary is only half of Beijing, want to start, but I do not know where to start. In a relative flicker, we set up 2 million registered fund belongs to us: (must reach this amount to some project bidding), seemingly, actually only 3 employees of the company "". A relative to encourage us, he will have a big project to us, is a school of education software development, the price is about 1 million, divided into our hands how to have a 500 thousand. At this time, how exciting news. We spent 10 thousand and 8, hire an agent, to help us complete all formalities complex company was established, and then began to give the relation of enterprise business license, waiting for opinionated news. One can imagine, then we are more decadent, more depressed.

but the road has begun to embark on the road, it is difficult to turn back!

then, we began to contact other business. One day, a classmate called, asked, you are now back to Changsha? There is a project, you do not see as. A manager wants to do an online platform to sell flowers, the price is not yet set, you have to discuss their own. So, we listen to the word of the students, and began to prepare chicken as the company information, about second days. When they met, we chatted happily, talk about calligraphy, North drift, even.

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