U S group CEO Wang Xing talk about nternet nnovation to better solve the problem

in the field of China’s Internet, what can be called innovation, what is the purpose of innovation in the United States Mission Network CEO Wang Xing seems to be innovative in order to better solve the problem when the user needs?.

Wang Xing believes that when the environment is the same, the same demand, there is no need to re invent. However, when the user has different needs, companies need to solve the problem of users through different ways. The development of the Internet is not complicated, when the number of users is enough, and the demand is rich enough, it will produce a variety of applications, Wang Xingru is the analysis.

Wang Xing said that the United States leads to the popularity of the Internet earlier many netizens demand of the Internet first appeared in the United States, when the United States entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers found that the demand for Internet users, will be as soon as possible to design a good solution.

Wang Xing said that in the face of the needs of Internet users, China’s entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers will generally choose to solve the problem with reference to foreign countries to solve the problem. Under the same conditions, the imagination and creativity of the Americans is higher than that of the Chinese people, which is related to Chinese culture, system and education."

although innovative American entrepreneur entrepreneurs in Chinese a stroke above, but in the process of learning to imitate, also need to be our model and the user’s habits combined with improved. For example, Wang Xing said, at the beginning of the United States Mission in the direction of the big model is also rely on learning Groupon, but in the subsequent implementation of the process of the discovery of a lot of different places.

, for example, the user in the use of Groupon, you need to pay by credit card, and then print the mail in the PDF or JPG file to the merchant to complete the transaction. But this process is not in line with the Chinese habits, taking into account the China user habits, the U.S. group will the transaction form of improvement for the third party payment way, users only need to pay for the beauty voucher on the mobile phone business to return to the password."

Wang Xing admitted that the United States and the group’s trading model is not particularly big innovation, but when you pay enough attention to a problem, do not care too much about the solution is not new, but depends on whether it is the best".

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