College students into the nternet for two years experience four

on a website for the record and after I talked to each big search engine submission included, search engine submission included after I started a comprehensive optimization of the website, today I mainly talk about the process about my own website, there should be some help for entering the Internet webmaster friends.

site in the search engines, the first thing I try to enrich the content of the website, I don’t have much money, even the living expenses are picked up to buy the host, so do it yourself will become I do every day, every morning I get up at 8 in the same bedroom to sleep until 11, after I get up in the Baidu search and some related knowledge of my website, I do a related website and lose weight, so I every day in Baidu news search inside lose two words, by this way I want to know if the slimming industry and what things happen, and then to be able to write some articles on these things. I write this is 1, through the search engine search keywords, 2 found valuable news or information 3, according to news and information to distinguish between 4 according to distinguish after news and information to write the article. This is the whole process of writing the article, I believe that many owners have the same experience with me, no money to write an article on the best people to do it yourself, at least the quality of the article can be written.

tip: write the process is a little patience, I am in a month before university during the time of writing and writing for a long time on the patient, feel more and more boring, do not want to write, but don’t write too, it will cause psychological pressure. Especially recently, Baidu continued adjustment is a challenge for writing, I think no matter how Baidu adjust as long as we write the article is original, the clarity of the article, then our article is qualified, shortly before the Baidu is not to say that you can apply feedback? If you do it yourself every day of the original I believe in writing, even if the site is wrong K off, Baidu also will do justice.


wrote this thing to do, but also do one thing every day, that is posted on the Sina blog and forum outside the chain, I choose Sina blog is mainly based on my two Sina blog in building site before, I found the Sina blog ranking is a little high, better than other blogs. The main forum I also chosen some high weight, high PR forum, to build the chain is a painful thing every day, when I see online everywhere please build the chain of information, I do not have money? And only myself, I was in my Sina blog write a more than and 300 word passage, then add my own web site, did not think of half an hour is included, the first chain and this is my new website, and I’m in some group inside the Forum Learned that, for example, the owners of the A5, seowhy, Chinaz, 80 in life, and so on, these forums I have been to, I found that these forums have one thing in common: as long as it is not for the outside of the chain of the chain

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