Taobao B2C passenger imagination development road once

B2C e-commerce is more suitable for the development of

I and many webmaster, in order to make money, to join the Taobao customer, do Wangzhuan, use network technology to build a website, through commissions and advertising is very easy to make money. However, we all know that some time ago Baidu ranking adjustment, now Taobao customer profitability is really small. Therefore, I am looking for e-commerce and other channels to make money, want to in the fierce environment to strangle a storm looking for another sky. After the friend’s advice, I found B2C e-commerce more profit space, and it can be called the cause. One reason is by years of experience in product sales Wangzhuan, not a difficult thing. The two is the need to start from the grassroots B2C e-commerce, and most of the same as the webmaster, before the accumulation of funds is not much, connections and other relatively poor. But given that I had run a Taobao store, this can be used as a starting point for my B2C e-commerce.

B2C e-commerce requires excellent marketing capabilities

world’s top 100 giant is the marketing tycoon, you will find that like Microsoft, WAL-MART, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, the world class companies they have very outstanding marketing level, technical ability is not the best. Want to do B2C e-commerce, need a competitive team, need to be responsible for website development, network marketing and website customer service, distribution personnel division of labor, and not rely on a technical ability person can support the whole website. So, my role in this process needs to change. The next period of time, I need to pull orders, talk with the manufacturers to cooperate, to promote our products to users, from the development of the site to the marketing role of the change.

clear positioning, in order to be more excellent

friends from the B2C get enlightenment: my friend is a technology born, developed over the site, now set up a team to do B2C, online clothing retail mall. He told me that from the site location to plan, originally want to do products, industry information, and even SNS integrated platform, but found that the design of the wide, just started not so many people to do these things. Thus, the industry information is difficult to do daily updates and maintenance, SNS application platform is full of other people’s advertising, like a garden without maintenance overgrown with weeds. But later, he will only do online sales of clothing. Focus on B2C e-commerce, and then around the product promotion is now he thinks the most feasible approach. Domestic Hisense enterprise is an example. In television, air conditioners, refrigerators, mobile phones have made technological breakthroughs in the field, but it is due to the surface is too wide, the ability to deal with the technology did not follow. The result is that the refrigerator to do but Haier, air conditioning, but do not do GREE, the best result is the low end of the market to get the first three flat-panel tvs.

perfect service system is a powerful backing of B2C e-commerce

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