Analysis of user psychology master station to enhance the conversion rate of the three core elements

as a webmaster, have had the joy of success, of course, also had the agony of defeat, especially when the site through their own efforts, has been very good traffic, but can not bring profit to your website, this is their biggest hit, after several such failure. I finally realized that only do website traffic, but do not know how to flow into the actual profit, it can never succeed! So after the baptism of the failure, just let me get off later single page Taobao quite successful, and the reasons for the success, is that I find a way to see the user psychology the following the author to share the experience of


because of the single page Taobao guest website promotion products relative Commission is still good, so even less traffic, as long as there is no several flow into actual sales, it can also obtain high income, so I put the main focus on improving traffic conversion work, the author basically is realized through the following three ways


one: find more accurate target user

for the guest website, is not how much traffic, care about is the target flow, in order to enhance the flow of the accuracy of SEO optimization method is mainly through the optimization of course the author is not the core keywords, but will be dispersed into a variety of core keywords, long tail keywords, such as through word and word there is a place, plus the product of word method, so that consumers to enter our website through the long tail keywords, the corresponding target is very accurate, so although that does not flow the core keywords optimization to bring traffic, but because the goal is clear, can improve the conversion rate of flow, and the optimization of long tail keywords the competitiveness of small, more successful


two: analysis of user psychology, so that the user unknowingly come to consume

as a single page station, interactive and ultimately, but because of the size of the site, will not be able to use the forum community through way to interact, the usual method is through the user consultation, to interact, so in terms of consultation, must according to every word the user, to analyze the user at this time of the psychological, although it looks very difficult, but if you experience is very rich, it can still play a good role, like the same dress in different stores, some stores clerk can get this dress marketing out, this is the salesperson can accurately grasp the user psychology the product marketing, out! As a single page station, this ability must practice


also even a single page station, but also can not ignore the construction of content, but the content can not get rid of the key and long tail keywords, more can not be divorced from the needs of users, such as you do is slimming products, you have to get some cosmetic content on the site, it must not be able to upgrade the conversion rate of users, and even web sites and core keywords related content >

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