Data security is the most valuable rice fold network to help users to save money online shopping in

with many of the electricity supplier platform to do the pain forced entrepreneurs who are 25 years old began to work hard in the field of Zhang Lianglun seemed calm a lot. He founded the rebate website, meters off the network has not yet completed two years of time, contributed to the commodity trading volume last year reached 1 billion yuan, Zhang Lianglun get into a hundred million yuan. This year, meters off the network turnover will be expected to show several times.


Zhang Lianglun

whether the rebate website or shopping guide website, have suffered criticism is easy to hit the ceiling ". But the pace of development of Zhang Lianglun rice off the network that the business model of huge growth space. They also get IDG million level A round of injection. In April this year, the net version of the IOS and version of the network. Zhang Lianglun is pleased that: although it is a rough interface APP, but a month on the development of about 100000 users, but also to get the apple store free recommendation.

is mogujie.com, beautiful, said the rapid development of network shopping guide, such as rice folding, alerted ma. Last year, Ma said in an internal meeting said: do not support the upstream shopping guide website continues to expand, also do not support the rebate website. Zhang Lianglun’s business suddenly pushed to in the teeth of the storm.

"shopping guide website can into Ma fayan, that the business has been large enough, and even let them have a sense of crisis. This shows that there is a shopping guide". Ma Yun was unable to stop the development trend of shopping guide mode. Now, the meter fold network gradually reduce dependence on Taobao, and gradually with Jingdong, shop No. 1, vip.com and other electricity providers outside the Taobao cooperation. Currently, the online shopping mall has reached more than 600 cooperation. Meters off the network ranking in the rebate website in the top three.

the first pot of gold

meters folding network was founded in August 2011, the founding team is a typical Ali origin. CEO Zhang Lianglun had been responsible for the business before the Alibaba shop. Zhang Lianglun, co-founder of other colleagues in Ali, Yu Jiajie, Huazhong Science and Technology Alumni Ke Zunyao.

Zhang Lianglun road of entrepreneurship can be considered smooth. Has not yet registered the company, it will get angel investors. Founded less than a year, but also favored by IDG. This laid the foundation for the start of rice folding network.

meters off the network gathered a large number of buyers and businesses through online shopping, membership meters off the network shopping, meters off the network may have a certain percentage of sales commission from business cooperation, meters off the network and then returned to the commission members, so as to achieve for the user to save money, for the purpose of win-win business marketing. The highest consumer rebate can reach 50%. Even if the goods no rebate still can let users enjoy the highest 1% meters off the allowance.

51 rebate network set up time

to do the same with the rebate business in 2006, 5 years earlier than the meters off the network time. When it comes to the pace of development so fast, Zhang Lianglun’s answer is: luck. "If we do the rebate website this year.

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