Golden Wangzhuan some good habit to do the webmaster

now, with the advent of the Internet era, the site is indeed a good choice for the moment, but it is not so easy to run up! If you want to profit from or to become an independent school brand is probably high! But no matter how cruel competition or countless frustrations, I choose, I love


either at home or part-time part-time, full-time is put in the work, have a good psychological quality, the mentality is very important! Take me, do website for a long time, there are a lot of feelings, can not be said to experience it, is only a common habit and has only! Unremittingly, transcend, dreams can come true!

first, the links on the site have to be checked several times a week, once the problem is found, with the fastest speed. Now this situation is very common, so it is very important, there are times a person and I set up a link in my ignorance of the case, after the cancellation, and afterwards know that this is the reason for regular inspection.

second, dead links are also important, check with a professional check tool. As far as I’m concerned, Google’s proposal is more practical to use it, you can quickly use it to know whether there is a dead link in the site. We do not have a link to the dead, there is no way, the first is that it can be used to turn it into the inside of the chain, the second is to use the machine file shield. In this way, we can ensure that our web pages.

third, a website ranking and check conditions included, for keywords and Pastebin every week to check, included are not stable, less than is common, we should pay special attention to.

fourth, external links, the chain is related to the visibility of the site, so to build a well-known brand, in addition to their original, but also increase the chain. High visibility of the site outside the chain of tens of thousands, not overnight, the same must rely on unremitting efforts.

finally, which is open to the outside world, not otherwise, from time to time and other owners of technical exchanges. Now the popularity of the network, it is not difficult to communicate with each other, learn from other people’s experience, can be very good to improve themselves, you can also take some detours.


above is my personal habits and summary, I will unremittingly, constantly transcend myself in the new year is approaching, I wish you all keep success and glory, please indicate the golden Wangzhuan Forum:

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