The three venture failure to give up


a veteran entrepreneurs dream to throw the helve after the hatchet and even families. However, to meet him is a continuous failure, now 32 years old, he had nothing. Everyone is eager for success. When setbacks, most entrepreneurs have clung to the belief, try your best to try to reverse the crisis. However, the impermanence of the world, and sometimes even entrepreneurs who have toughness, and then can endure hardship, and then adhere to, it is difficult to restore the outcome of failure. In particular, a number of consecutive venture is not successful, the entrepreneur’s capital, energy, confidence will be a huge blow. In this life and career crossroads, entrepreneurs how to choose



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Chen Yiming

I was born in 1981, from the countryside to the big city, from the students to the youth of the time I spent in the army. In 2003 I retired, 5 years of military life left me a memorable experience and dear comrades! Confidence, enthusiasm, daring, able to endure hardship, never surrender military qualities, in my body are reflected. In the first few years after demobilization, I ran a business, fell in love, opened a restaurant, fried stocks, every day is very full, very happy. The encouragement of his comrades, their own efforts, the assistance of their loved ones, I gradually have some accumulation and harvest.

then at the end of 2006, by a friend, I work with people invested 1 million 300 thousand yuan (two do business friends and a technical staff cast a total of 150 thousand yuan, the other is my vote) opened a company, entered the TFT-LCM (thin film transistor liquid crystal display module) industry. After May 30, 2008, due to the lack of core resources, the decline in the way the market situation, the drawbacks of this model have been exposed. By the end of 2008, the company has only 400 thousand yuan of funds, I invested $500 thousand in the stock is only $120 thousand.

2009, in order to get out of trouble, I decided to transition. So, I chose to do the research and development of mobile phone program, because then there is a $1 phone program profit. As a result of spending too high, shipping volume is very small, the fund is broken. A year later, the company went bankrupt.

there are a lot of stories. Since the beginning of the money, my self-confidence highly swelling, frivolous, feel that this world is not what I cannot do. So I do anything, no investment, no decision can not discuss with your family, even in the company when the crisis loss still did not think that what is the problem, or feel good! At that time, for me is a hotel, after sleeping away. Then there was a child, I was still outside all day, go home and love the total quarrel. After that, they all left, leaving me alone in Shenzhen.


of this experience, the money is not much, but I feel good; later, all the money lost, although I still young but experienced the whole life seems like, what you have tasted.


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