Analysis on the profit model of website

service profit chain we may have heard. But few have heard of the service profit chain on the webmaster who, why I want to write this topic today. With the current competition in the industry, the survival of the challenges facing the owners have a great relationship. In the current product can not form a differentiated situation, the service often plays a role in guiding customer psychology. It can be said that a good free service is an infinite profit chain.

many webmasters do stand is the ultimate purpose of the use of Internet resources to tap the unlimited resources. Have access to advertising revenue through traffic, through membership services, through the free service to tap potential customers, etc.. Now for more than a few points to talk about the importance of free service to do stand.

1, through the flow to get advertising revenue, such as the site owners are the first to provide users with many valuable resources. The provision of these resources are provided free of charge. Do not provide in the process of too many restrictions, for example, want to see any article for registration will have access to, or to have integral can browse. In fact, this is not very good. Often lose a lot of friends. Because the same message if others do not limit. Users will not be registered in your station, recharge browse. In addition to do some time to get some valuable original resources to provide free. These resources are unique to the network. As long as we have something that others don’t have. We will stand out. Will be loved by users. Have access to a steady stream of traffic, never bring profit to your station.

2, through membership services, and now a lot of network resources are to provide services through membership. I’m not saying it’s going to be free. Because also take into account the cost of war long pay. Here I provide some suggestions for members of the webmaster. On the station just do the webmaster, it is best not to take some members of the system. For example, download the paper only recharge, there are a few points can browse what to download. Just because you do not even stand the credibility of, even a little reputation are not, but you want to get a quick success, some profit from customers. Because we do not like the beginning of the novel, the word of mouth effect is very good, there are people who read the novel to know the starting point of the novel network, but also the starting point of the novel is also a major part of the novel are free to browse. Only the VIP part of the article is needed before they can browse the delta. And this part of the ownership as long as the starting point has no other novel network. If your station can be like the starting point, so you do. Otherwise you can only focus on providing free service. Free service only. To establish a good image in the minds of customers, in order to attract more users. That day you really do a good job. Recognized by users, you do not consider it too late.

3, mining potential customers through free service. I think this is very important. And I’ve been focusing on it. I didn’t say that before. Use Baidu to promote their own virtual host. You don’t just publish your web site connection, too strong

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