Explain how to do network marketing skills

do network sale, should start from product key word. The commonly used search giant GOOGLE, to find the exact rate is very high, and you can choose different words, a pack of 1, find the product key word, can through the network search, see you on the Internet to do what the industry and how to do it. Take cement machinery as an example. You search with these two characters in search of Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO and other engines, you will find a lot of information on the spread of their peers, their corporate websites and various e-commerce sites, even in various forums and blogs. What they do is equipment, in which the local price, how, how and how the quality of the information released, where the release of product information and so on, these devices are well aware, lets you learn a lot of equipment, and then the main supply reference for me.

determine the key word, can be useful to release product information. In e-commerce website, how to release product information is a major task. After studying the industry how to use the product key words, you may have a harvest, will be based on the information I and the industry to find out the key words you focus on the implementation of the release on the e-commerce site.

application key words to write forum, blog. A successful business forum, blog is confirmed that the network sells something useful. Forum, blog useful in the key word is BBS, blog the most useful performance. You have the best forum, blog title product key word; on the product label is also key word; the beginning or the first paragraph, must have the key word; the best key word appears 5% to 20%; the back of the best get a few related articles. Also, forums and blogs need to be updated. If you have time, just write some key words and articles, but we don’t like repeatedly announced the contents of the article, because viewers hate this kind of behavior, the consequences of spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. It is a trick to change key implementation of key word. Soon, the search engine should have your product information. Discuss consumer, market segmentation, product positioning. This should be a permanent theme of corporate marketing

collect selling skills: the price is too expensive

A; XX boss, what you say is right, whether in the current social, people hope to use the bottom price to buy the goods of the highest quality and the quality of customer service service, most of the customers in the purchase of products from will pay attention to three issues: quality, price and customer service. But I have never seen any company can supply the highest quality products, also can be sold at the lowest price, also can supply high quality customer service service, like running car can not sell to the price of Santana, do you agree? Sometimes the price to make the purchase decision is not perfect and accurate, no one as a result of too much investment, but sometimes too little investment is also a problem in his place, too much investment most you lost some money, but too little investment of your payment is greater, because the product you buy to let you get the desired content, we rarely have the opportunity to at least the money in the world.

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