Taobao mall price event Taobao restructuring pains

the following remarks are small crazy talk rubbish, do not represent any company’s point of view, does not involve personal, vacuous insipid, without sharp point of view, no more guidance meaning, it is a nagging essay. The work is busy, did not do too much attention to the incident, but Zhao MM manuscripts, but really push.

for error:

want to come, we heard that, or to participate in this matter, the first reaction is right or wrong. For this, little crazy also has its own point of view. Micro-blog, forums, QQ group, and even the chat between colleagues, are talking about the incident, the degree of heat without words. Ping goubao forum home full recommend, all similar articles, a few is meaningless, because although everyone or complain, or support, or simply ride to express their views, but without exception, are not surprised.

is not surprised, no shock, in fact, has been sufficient to explain that this event is an inevitable thing, and even subconsciously we can accept things. Taobao transformation with fried everywhere shouting, screaming, and even is not a day for two days, and its direction to have such a day sooner or later, but before the thunder and little rain, now suddenly broke out.

back to the wrong question:

from a legal point of view, Taobao does not have any fault, of course, this is because the law is not perfect or how it is not crazy enough to judge. And as rent, the landlord can choose to renew the contract expires, can also choose the price, even back directly is ok. Here is a question, not really illegal? Merchants settled soon, without consultation to improve the service charge, resulting in a large number of businesses lose a lot of energy, manpower and money, even kidnapping businesses: do not pay it out of


morally, Taobao will have a lot of remarkable places, the line is the number of houses, the price is done every day, even if the gap between 1 years 10 times that is to see in the eye, think every day in response to the tenant, the tenant and the landlord is more equal partnership. But Taobao may not be the only, but is absolutely the most expensive renovation costs, customer flow is not change can bring, in this case, he first played an equal cooperation of the landlord, but after a big start don’t consider tenant ideas. And the relationship between Huang Shiren and Yang Bailao the same, no concessions to starve to death, rent and to be squeezed to death, desperate rented to have a daughter (brand), a pretty little (customers) marry come together or tie, or disfigured (Tao brand from Taobao there are a few can live in moist?). And the ugly one you want to be a prostitute to pay, can not afford to pay the money it was beaten to death (withdrawal).

here are some ideas:

1: monopoly or provoke trouble, because the service has seen a good price rise, but did not see half of the people hanging up the service price. Taobao

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