2014 Taobao double 11 sales or over 60 billion

Platform 360 mobile phone assistant "2014 ten days before a shopping APP analysis report" is expected to

mobile application distribution, "double 11" this year the total sales will reach 63 billion 700 million, mobile shopping will become a "double 11" major business strategist "a hotly contested spot".

with the double 11 from PC to APP, online shopping becomes more convenient. It can be predicted that this year’s double 11 will have more people join the online shopping army. Looking forward to the Industrial Research Institute analyst Luo Juan believes that in 2014 Taobao double 11 sales or reached 60 billion yuan.

according to the "2014 double eleven shopping APP download analysis report" is expected this year, Taobao "double 11" will create a new online shopping transaction records, the total sales volume may reach 63 billion 700 million. The report notes that this year, double 11 in the first two weeks, the major shopping category APP downloads surge trend, where the growth of Amazon and Taobao mobile phone is the most obvious. From the geographical distribution, Guangdong, Beijing, the two most like to use mobile phone shopping.

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