Entrepreneurship is the key to open shop

online business has become a trend to make money, with the network is equivalent to possession of wealth, now a popular word in twenty-first Century, open an online shop will be able to make money. But for a novice, open shop is so simple, there is no way to make the novice quick start


we first need to understand the open shop in Taobao’s difficulty lies, the source and credibility first, secondly, the shortage of funds, warehouse, logistics and so on are all new shop tired of annoying problems. For a beginner, these are their inevitable disadvantages. So novices need to find a breakthrough in these areas, as far as possible to avoid their weaknesses to the shortest. In this regard, the choice of virtual products is a good way to do. Here we talk about the advantages of virtual goods with physical goods,

1, sources of advantage: virtual product supply does not need to supply the same as real physical contact the merchant. Then talk about the price, contact the shipping business, etc.. Virtual products as long as you have a source, and even can be directly linked to the supply of goods on the network is more convenient. Once settled, no transport can easily solve the supply problem.

2, capital advantage: virtual products are much lower than the cost of capital. One is the value of virtual items are not many, in the early investment funds supply pressure will be relatively small, such as prepaid cards, cards etc.. Another can be omitted, such as shooting fees, packaging fees, warehouse management fees, but more importantly, do not need customer service, because most are automatic recharge, one or two people can cope with.

3, logistics advantages: virtual goods directly on the Internet trading success without logistics, save a lot of manpower and material resources, and even there is no danger of damage in the transport of goods.

4, inventory advantage: just a computer you have a store with a warehouse, all the goods are safe inventory on the computer. No need to worry about deterioration, expired, etc.. Relative to the physical store, virtual store without inventory will not be too much pressure, which is also the beginning of the novice to solve a lot of trouble.

has the above advantages, the credibility of the pressure will be much smaller, because a lot of physical objects to sell the shop owner will not be able to attract customers because of the lack of credibility, and can not sustain. But do not have to worry about the owner of the goods in the backlog of goods, warehouse management fees and other advantages of slowly earn credibility will be much easier. And shopkeepers can do a virtual time to earn credibility, experience and then develop the map. That is to say first hold, then the running. If the station can not stand up and talk about how to run fast.

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