B2C website prepares for phoenix nest action

"is your website K today?". Since Baidu phoenix nest start, the transition adjustment behavior the system has a great impact on various websites, people always on tenterhooks, only hoping that this wave can quickly in the past, each site is to analyze their own website, calm response, avoid may cause the site was K factor.

Baidu phoenix nest system formally launched, and this event, you can certainly be related to the new system on the line, the accident in the upgrade, or in order to promote the enterprise to clear the way. These two days, Baidu K dropped a large number of sites. According to the observation, mainly personal information station based, large sites have not been K. So we can do is just passive prevention. Large web site, you can only operate a regular station. Because the regular company will increase the construction of the original content, the problem can also be negotiated. But a website reproduced by no negotiating capital. Only Baidu wins for life.

Baidu phoenix nest action in fact there are advantages and disadvantages, can not be denied. We give an example, some time ago on the Internet was making shoes plagiarism franchise brand sports shoes, in fact, now we all know the truth, there is a man by making shoes to speculation, copy making shoes making shoes have framed plagiarism, brought a serious impact in making shoes. The "nest" in action, sites like this plagiarism incident, the site was K is to help restore the reputation of making shoes. But in the "nest" in action, making shoes have also been implicated, making shoes is a regular website, but in making shoes released online news website, some are k, so also involves making shoes, the website is affected, so that the "nest" action as well there are disadvantages.

shoes Network in the "phoenix nest" action has also done the corresponding measures to strengthen the construction and management of the site, to ensure that the action is not affected, to promote and support the standardization of the site construction. Recently found that the use of making shoes fame, his name set of making shoes with similar domain name, so as to mislead consumers, making shoes to remind consumers to recognize of making shoes. Beware of fake, to protect their own interests.

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