Electricity business awards ceremony

high-profile "micro-blog 2016 night" on the evening of January 16th ended at the National Convention Center, Fan Bingbing, TFBOYS, Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Liu Ye, nearly 100 line star award, Fan Bingbing won the final TFBOYS and micro-blog King& Queen.


of course, 2016 as a mobile broadcast the first year, is added to the annual awards, the annual anchor God Chen Shuyang, king of song, the annual annual rain goddess sunny. The three super high popularity of the year’s big anchor for the party also conducted a live broadcast, and the enthusiasm of the fans is the number of online viewing will lead to a new climax.


In addition to the entertainment

live broadcast is the 2016 annual business situation of the project, as committed to the electricity supplier first mechanism beauty live clock also held on 19 of the 2016 annual net red Master awards ceremony, awards site comparable to micro-blog night".

to invited guests to have a new generation of human resources management Zhanpai on behalf of Hong Wenming teacher, Ruili plastic surgery hospital dean Fu Haishu, Internet banking Internet Marketing Director Gong Xi, operation director Luo Hu Chao crown. Since the establishment of the beauty of the clock since the inception of the project, a short span of six months will have achieved remarkable results, which naturally can not be signed by the company’s employees and the efforts of people.


awards ceremony begins….

first award – 2016 active

: ah, Jane and winning Master chocolate, Emma small offspring domineering, small E and small Superman Glutinous Rice Balls

active Master representative small Superman Glutinous Rice Balls model, Taobao, owner of

small Superman Glutinous Rice Balls in his acceptance speech, revealing the truth: "to get the annual active Master beauty clock, I feel very honored, but also a little nervous. Thanks to this platform to provide Taobao live opportunities, but also to thank our Master class monitor for my help, of course, would also like to thank this year in their own efforts, the cup can be considered for the 2016 not perfect oneself draw a satisfactory conclusion, hope for a better myself! "


second awards ——2016 Best Creative Award

award winner: heart nine, Taobao graphic

heart is the first batch of nine to do a list of thousands of people, she can always be in the thousands of goods, pick out a more refined, more affordable products for the benefit of her fans. She is not compatible with the character of the work, always follow the trend of fashion, the fashion front message to the big

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