Ali ambitious US technology companies into the future Chinese

according to the "connection" magazine, although today’s Alibaba in the scale has become a huge monster, but on its ambition, the former is obviously greater than the.

digital entertainment business Alibaba official said Liu Chunning before the Group intends in the next two months to launch online video streaming service, TBO (Tmall Box Office, Tmall office). The move aims to emulate the United States HBO and Netflix, to build China’s largest Internet video entertainment platform.

however, the above is only the surface of the facts.

Alibaba video services will certainly pose a threat to the development of the market to Chinese Netflix, but the combination of e-commerce services, the group has expanded and so on, now the Alibaba is to challenge with Google, Amazon or apple and other tech giants. Taking into account the Alibaba China home court advantage in the future, with the further development of the group, the U.S. technology giants fear will become more and more difficult to enter the Chinese Market — an industry generally optimistic, but it has many limitations of the growth of the market.

Alibaba’s business is now not only the electronic commerce and the Studio Entertainment, like Amazon, Alibaba is also involved in cloud computing, mobile payment, search, including many aspects of taxi service strategic investment group, or even to communications applications and social networking platform for investment — simply, Alibaba has been extended every a corner of the world to the internet. This fact explains why the basic investment bank Rutberg & Co. executive director Rajiv · Changde (Rajeev Chand) of the Alibaba to enter the video business is not surprised, Alibaba had Youku potatoes invested, will further expand the market is only a matter of time.

there is no doubt that the development ambitions of Alibaba and any American Technology Corp is the same huge." Changde said, for these giants, the Internet into the video business is very natural and reasonable results."

and Prime Instant users to quickly adapt to the Amazon Video service, and Google users quickly embrace YouTube, Changde, Alibaba in China giant user group will also be "metastatic", that is: do not need to consider the business enterprise or a search engine company engaged in the television business is reasonable, and calmly from a service input to another service.

"when you look at a technical area, you will find that there is no room in the market." "So you can do it all, not focus on a particular area of technology," he said."


development strategy has been adopted by the American technology giant, the user will usually follow the brand loyalty from one product to another to completely unrelated products. And this time, Alibaba

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