Mission Network founder Tang Chi can e commerce low key and adhere to make money


he is a university student, but often access to various entrepreneurs exchange party. He loves the Internet, but not as other students addicted to online games. He put the Internet technology to realize their entrepreneurial dreams as weapons, but has been able to make a little older alone in the Internet arena. He is to catch the mission network ( founder Chi Chi students. A Groupon Buy mode sought after, a highly concerned by the Nanfang Daily reporter grassroots Internet entrepreneurs.

2010 Groupon wave struck, the mainland version of Groupon blossom everywhere. Wang Xing founder of the United States before the group network, after the Groupon365, tuank and other sites are also in Qingdao, Nanchang and other cities on the line. Group purchase website how the profit pattern of this field? How deep the water? What are the elements of group purchase website success? The story "column" stationmaster was invited to the Tang Zhi went to the interview scene, and all secret site operators and group purchase mode before the king, let us look forward to zero from the interactive space in contact with


Tang Zhineng (left three) and his team network team


good evening everyone, the thirty-third phase of the open source plug-in network, "the story of the central station" as scheduled to meet with you, the guests of this interview is to promote the mission of the founder of the network Tang Chi students.


Zhi Neng, hello. First of all thank you for taking time out of your busy work to come to our interview group and interact with each other, and give us a strong support for our "story of the stationmaster". Although after newspapers, Internet and other media reports, you are already a star entrepreneurs, but according to our interview practice, first please briefly introduce yourself and your catch mission network, thank you.

Tang Zhi Neng:

dear friends, Hello everybody, the good, I am 89 years of Tang Zhi, and you can call me xiaotangshan. Very glad to participate in such a special interview today to recognize you; to introduce myself first, I am a 89 year Internet webmaster rookie in September last year, the school had been doing on the Internet forum, entertainment sports and health classes, more scattered, and recently this time partners concentrate on planning and operation to catch such a group net online shopping platform.

network is divided into two groups to buy and buy virtual reality, then drive the whole network is a virtual group to buy, but in the way of doing business on the site innovation. The basic difference between virtual reality with the consumer group purchase group purchase group purchase website in the selected project and get a certificate of payment, enjoy by virtue of the group purchase group purchase discount, members are required in real time to focus groups. Rush group network mode: one day a super low price buy items, limit order, limit the minimum purchase amount.

rush to promote the mission of this website

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