The core competitiveness of B2C enterprises must Lianhaoneigong money scene

key B2C success in? Some enterprises with abundant capital, a galaxy of talents, B2C platform construction has not been setbacks; some enterprises only two professionals to pull a team has achieved great success? Why are some traditional enterprises in the channel resources, supply full advantage, is still pure electronic business enterprise the beyond? Why do some e-commerce businesses in venture capital, there is no improvement in the final regret quit? About B2C, like a roaring waves arena, many businesses, how much investment, rush, rush to do something never achieve success and win recognition is one of the few.

in! The key issues of enterprise involved in electronic commerce is the first to solve the core competitiveness, only make its own position, to consider the situation, hezonglianheng, detours, create more opportunities for success.

success comes from behind the "hand"

in China strategy culture, often about the state of the weapon can not be shown in the light, in the face of today has been successfully B2C e-businessmen, later will thorough insight into which the success reason? Reporters often see many wealthy traditional business owners, after the successful e-commerce model in contact, ambitious hair, even tens of millions of investment are also eager to. Among them, especially in the most popular mode of VANCL later’s attention, a large number of online clothing sales platform on the Internet to come and go and burn a lot of advertising, but most of them are really able to survive the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, are the core competitiveness of enterprises, such as do men in trousers, occupation clothing shop.

real VANCL only one, the clothing enterprise wants to make a difference in the B2C, we must go beyond the simple imitation, shaping the unique core competitiveness. When faced with PPG crazy Eslite advertising campaign, without war, the strategic choice in online advertising based this one from PPG Road, a large number of results, not only save advertising costs, but also become the first domestic B2C network alliance enterprise. When PPG has become deadwood, Eslite has ushered in more development opportunities.

if the enterprise boss thinks VANCL but so simple, they fall into another trap, Eslite real scary is the hidden contacts, finances, media relations and rich business experience, and these factors are the core competitiveness. So only by copying a model is to catch up with the vancl.com, the result can only be failed miserably.

mining unique core competencies

in the face of a highly competitive Red Sea, operators need to be cautious. Compared with previous years B2C platform rare situation, now in various fields, there are many different types of business competition, enterprises want to make a difference in the B2C, must according to their own conditions, analysis of the characteristics of products, market experience, talent allocation, strategic cooperation, advertising resources and other aspects of the advantages and disadvantages. >

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