My opinion on the development focus of industry website

is currently the industry Web site, industry segments and some belong to the innumerable, some belong to the local industry, started early capital strength, numerous portals. The development of the industry Web site is nothing more than a professional market, creating a community business circle. Multi display member information, multi angle joint promotion, the site in the search engine more exposure, so that members of the information will be more exposure. As much as possible to enable members of enterprises to obtain high efficiency.

however, the new site, want to work with the industry, the high weight of the site is very difficult to split a cup of soup. According to industry website is very strong, especially unpopular industries. Web sites do not rank, there will be no companies to publish information, not to mention buyers browse supply information. Do you see the stone network platform, with the other outstanding industry website no place. Do it for half a year, so far no flow. Is not the core keywords in the industry. As the rest of the industry, including building materials, decoration, property and so on, although.

above said the industry website targeted, are related to the information, topics, market analysis, product display, etc.. The core of the platform is information. The latest information can attract the attention of members. The latest topic, the forum, can let members away. Market analysis, can help members to analyze market trends. As for the product show that is for the buyer to see, in fact, the main platform for the site are around the buyer to do. The premise is that there must be a large number of member registration, release information enrichment.

1 has a large number of members to join; there is popularity, the release of information at various levels of diversity, massive, wide. Improve the site exposure rate, promote the member information exposure rate, or adapt to the convenience of the buyer browsing information to modify the membership information. So that members get practical benefits, which is closely related to the site and members of the fundamental.

2 user experience; information efficient, timely, comprehensive. Visitors through the network platform to quickly meet his needs to love to come.

more than two points are paving the way for the buyer, including the platform itself (to attract buyers, visitors) is the last word. Whether B or C, there is no ranking in the engine, can bring to the members of the customer, orders and other practical benefits is a good site, this is the focus. As for how the website to gather popularity again.

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