Ma Yun said at the APEC summit that small businesses are the engine of national innovation

news August 13th, Alibaba Group founder, chairman and chief executive officer Ma held today in Peru’s "Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) said the 2010 SME summit, small enterprise is the engine of innovation, the Internet will become a key enterprise and the national development and prosperity.

Ma Yun said that in the next ten years, small businesses, developing countries will have great room for development and development opportunities. The Internet will be the key to enterprise and national development and prosperity. He also pointed out that in 2009, Peru and China signed a free trade agreement entered into force in March 2010, Peru small enterprises should take full advantage of this advantage to develop exports.

Ma Yun said to small business owners, do not wait for the opportunity to take full advantage of this opportunity to export goods and services to China and other countries. I hope that small businesses can make full use of the Internet platform, whether or not through the Alibaba.com platform. Use the Internet to understand the other side of the world. This will help you become the leader of the world business. "

Ma also called on governments around the world to help promote the development of small businesses through a series of measures, including tax cuts, increase support for training, the establishment of more free trade agreements, etc.. He pointed out that, like most countries in the world, in Peru, small businesses are the main driving force of national GDP growth and employment growth. Ma Yun said, small businesses are the country’s creation engine."

Ma Yun also tells the history of the Alibaba. Founded in 1999, Alibaba, just 10 years, has now become one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies. He repeatedly stressed that the principle of Alibaba is the customer first, employees second, the interests of shareholders of the third. At the same time, the current Alibaba group also highlighted a series of goals: to build a platform to help 10 million small businesses through the Internet business; to create 100 million jobs, and will enable the 1 billion consumers through e-commerce from the Internet to find their daily needs.

"the key to success for small businesses is to never give up," Ma said. Who give up, who will fail. Every quarter, you have to brush up on your dreams and renew your commitment to achieve this dream and plan for the long term. Alibaba in the past 10 years, at least 1000 times we almost died. But we never give up. There is always a way out.

he said, "remember, today is difficult, tomorrow is more difficult. But the day after tomorrow is beautiful. The problem is that most people will die tomorrow night. Keep on trying and make sure you can live to see the beautiful day…… A bad life is better than death. In any case, try to survive. "

Ma Yun also put forward a few suggestions for small businesses: for a successful small business, business owners must first consider what your product can solve the problem in society. When hiring employees, to find the most suitable person, not necessarily the best people. >

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