On the use of Chinese domain names

      in 2007, the growth rate of the amount of registered domain name Chinese remain stable, especially Microsoft released IE7.0 fully supports the Chinese domain name, domain name registration Chinese has raised the upsurge, many enterprises and individuals for brand protection and other reasons, have registered your domain name Chinese. But many readers may use some way to Chinese domain does not understand, here we will talk about how to use the domain name to Chinese point to their own WEB server in Windows2003, and users in the browser to access the domain name of the site Chinese.

      1. How to make IIS support Chinese domain name

      first look at how to make IIS support Chinese domain name.

      because the internationalized domain name that has been processed by Nameprep is expressed in the form of Unicode sequence. But the existing DNS systems support only expressed by ASCII character domain names, so you have to have a ACE of Unicode sequence (ASCII-compatible encoding) encoding, the Unicode sequences that convert domain names into ASCII string representation of the domain name ACE.

      PunyCode is a kind of highly efficient ACE coding mode designed for international domain name. It can be used to convert the Unicode sequence and the ASCII string uniquely and reversibly. In the conversion process, the ASCII character in the Unicode sequence remains the same, and the international character is represented by letters and numbers. Its essence is a general algorithm that uniquely represents the characters in a large character set (Unicode) with a limited number of basic characters (letters and numbers). Domain names, including ASCII code and Unicode code, are treated as integers.

      that is to say, to allow IIS support Chinese domain name, only need to enter the Chinese domain name, enter the Chinese domain name PunyCode code can be. Of course, the specific conversion process does not need to do their own, here to give you a 2 way to get the domain name PunyCode.

      (1) if the domain name is registered on a domain name registrar website, then this kind of site will generally provide a transcoding page

      how to get the Chinese domain name punycode coding

      (2) the Chinese domain name online transcoding program provided by CNNIC. Open >

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