Alipay double 12 Carnival aunt baby still needs the effort yet to conquer

Sina Technology Mu Yuanyuan

"double eleven" craze has just disappeared, "double 12" hastily struck, seemingly overnight, Alipay will fall under the line of stores, online shopping fans in the revolution, the world-renowned "royalists" — China aunt.

"a group of fifty years old uncle aunt, but the great charm of the square dance, everybody has a smart mobile phone in the supermarket, anxiously waiting for the final" sweep "."

December 12th, Alipay joint approximately 2 10000 stores jointly launched Alipay wallet payment that enjoy half off preferential activities, covering food, desserts, bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores and many other places of daily consumption.

Alipay’s move is deliberate or not in uncle aunt, but the payment habits in the training of young people under the line. But in the media who flock, uncle aunt who seems to be the daring vanguard of twelve. Specific circumstances, sina science and technology decided after the end of the event, and then go to the supermarket to take a walk, take a look at the customer’s reaction.

passion after


15 afternoon, Sina visited Wumart supermarkets near Zhongguancun found that Sina Technology in the store for 12 double to bring hot, but perhaps the afternoon’s sake, the store is not the customer, the cashier did not appear queuing situation.

Sina interviewed a random is washing goods shelves before the selection of shampoo middle-aged female customer Zhang aunt, Aunt Zhang told her by Sina Technology store posters that together with Alipay in the December 12th Wumart price promotions, but because your mobile phone does not open Internet, so did not participate in the activities of the day. When sina science and technology asked why did not help the site staff to help open, Zhang aunt said with a smile: I heard the bank also bound card, opened up too much trouble". But she said that if the future of this activity to form a normal word, she would consider use Alipay payment.

in fact, and Zhang aunt had the same heart in a few customers, most of them think one or two times a year the promotion is very difficult to move their specially opened alipay. The 51 year old aunt Zhao told Sina, just heard of this activity, please help your child to install the Alipay app, is currently learning to use, but according to her memories of double 12 day Wumart supermarkets are very much, almost is usually several times, and payment took nearly an hour the team, Zhao aunt said: "this (Alipay) payment discount is certainly good, but if you wait in line for an hour, then I certainly do not, at last she also quipped:" don’t forget the time I would rather earn points ".

it seems that the double 12 aunt groups does not seem to be the main group of alipay. Subsequently, Sina Technology visited a number of young users, listen to their claims. Mr. Liu, 35 years old this year, in the supermarket "

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