Amazon 20 million investment delicious fresh electricity supplier 77

May 16th morning news, Amazon announced today in Shanghai shares of fresh raw electricity supplier platform delicious 77, the investment amounted to $twenty million. The investment aims to enrich the Amazon category, as well as to help develop the national market 77 delicious.

ten years ago, Amazon acquired excellence, began operating in china. This year is the ten anniversary of the Amazon into China, Amazon said that the investment reflects its long-term commitment to the Chinese market.

vice president of Amazon Versace (Steve Frazier), said the future of delicious 77 will remain independent operations, expand business expansion outside the region of Shanghai. Investment delicious 77 is to steadily expand the scale of business, rich Amazon’s selection.

is in the minority share way investment, because Versace is in Seattle when they concern fresh category, while Amazon in fresh investment more cautious investment, delicious 77 aims to understand the domestic consumer demand for fresh products.

delicious 77 CEO Mi Ping said: "delicious 77 products purchasing through global and domestic direct mining cooperatives and production base of cooperation; in terms of standards, aiming at the lack of industry standards, the development of its own quality standards."

over the past year, Amazon China made progress in Kindle and e-book platform, while Amazon AWS cloud computing business is also coming to china. These two businesses together with online shopping platform ( is the Amazon’s three core business.

77 is a vertical electric focus on delicious fresh and delicacy, covering goods fresh fruit, poultry, seafood, meat, eggs and milk products, the service area currently concentrated in Shanghai, the future will expand the market.

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