Tmall men’s fourth stores JEANJACK violation was sealed

April 13th, billion state power network that JEANJACK days before the men’s Amoy brand Taobao was closed shop. According to Taobao punishment notice, close JEANJACK flagship store because of its violation of the rules of the Taobao unfair profit terms. In addition, the brand management of Hangzhou animal husbandry neve clothing Limited company’s market C shop Wu Enze shoe king, Tmall 591mmm and mornifur flagship store flagship store was closed.

, according to informed sources, JEANJACK flagship store owner Wu Enze has been in the last year, 4 times successively, in collusion with Taobao stakeholders inside and outside the Taobao store, the second data acquisition staff mail and other information. In September 2011, Wu Enze is still the Taobao abetting people, bribery related to the second category, send greeting cards and moon cake.

According to the

business to reflect multiple shops, Wu Enze was also in the end of 2010 to early 2011, once turns on Juhuasuan, only the replacement of the link does not replace the product, price is higher than the market price.

Taobao processing notification

this, Taobao aspects of the Taobao rules improper profit terms, closed the Wu Enze shoes Wang, JEANJACK flagship store, 591mmm flagship store and mornifur flagship store.

several flagship stores are unable to find

in TmallAccording to

billion state power network to understand, Wu Enze’s business and the company’s neve Garments Co., a total of 4 Taobao stores. Including Wu Enze, a Taobao five crown shop, and JEANJACK, 591mmm, mornifur3 Tmall flagship store. Among them, 591mmm flagship store is one of the 2010 Taobao TOP10 men’s shops, jeanjack flagship store for Tmall’s top 20 sales. According to information provided by the industry, JEANJACK flagship store in 2011 sales of more than 52 million, annual sales of nearly 400 thousand. And in February this year, the men’s TOP30 rankings, JEANJACK ranked fourth, behind only JACKJONES, GXG, uniqlo. In addition, JEANJACK Jingdong mall, Dangdang and other B2C platforms are also available for sale.

Tmall Mens ranking 2011 (Unofficial)

February Tmall Mens ranked

in addition, according to informed sources, the illegal employees of Taobao, has also provided "double 11" activity data mart, Tmall, and some plans, gold coins and other two in charge of resource mailbox for knoch flagship store and PBA cosmetics shop. In this regard, Taobao to the seller for unauthorized disclosure of operational data, second contact internal staff, to "Alibaba"

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