As the 414 part of ecological electricity supplier Festival total sales break 2 billion 320 million

April 15th, LETV announced this year 414 on the whole ecological hardware free report: LETV ecological total sales exceeded 2 billion 360 million yuan, of which the total membership sales exceeded 2 billion 20 million yuan (film and television music as a super dimension member member sales exceeded 1 billion 690 million yuan / LETV super sports membership sales exceeded 330 million yuan), super TV total sales of over 549 thousand units, super mobile phone the total sales of over 582 thousand units, intelligent hardware and derivatives of total sales of over 85 million yuan, depending on the game center TV version 1 million 90 thousand yuan / day recharge mobile phone version of daily recharge 10 million 730 thousand yuan, the car is easy to total sales of over 54 million yuan, the net total wine sales of over 45 million yuan, air conditioning sales partner ecological beauty of nearly 1 million yuan, Mengniu hi MILK the sales volume of 700 thousand yuan.

414 hardware free day LETV break seven industry record: LETV ecological worst total sales record; total sales record breaking one-day membership as music; music as a super TV smart TV industry single day sales record breaking; broken vertical electric single day TV music as mall sales record; LETV TV version of the game center daily recharge first, more than other platforms monthly the sum of water; LETV mobile phone online game center version of a single ARPPU and double pay rate of the industry first; the car is easy to break the record single day recharge platform car.

addition, Hongkong as of 5:30 p.m., sales of more than HK $7 million 100 thousand, breaking the record of Hongkong sports program members online sales. Music as the cloud on demand, cloud music products in the cloud as the official website and music, as the mall sync online buying, crazy 0 yuan promotion. Music as the official website of the day after the promotion of the product line, the cumulative amount of 100 thousand visits a day, more than more than 5000 new registration, user conversion rate of nearly 20%.

414 hardware free day hot, as the music means a lot. First, the music as a super TV once again tell the truth with the industry, he is the first Internet smart TV brand. The super phone is once again sold with the scene to tell the outside world, the mobile phone is the future trend.

but the music ecosystem, its membership soared income also means that its unique ecological membership model has been recognized, especially the creation of the hardware from the negative to the free time has come, declared a new era of ecological consumption.



Jia Yueting said, "Thanksgiving fans, we created a new history together, let the 414 to become the world’s first ecological electricity supplier festival. This is the era of the Internet content by the turning point — free entry fee, the hardware value of attenuation, the industry value chain is being reconstructed, ecological consumer values gradually formed, the traditional Internet era into the ET era, sharing the ecological world, so that everyone has their own ideal ecological country."


super TV, mobile phone sales break 919 record


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