When the evaluation of the brand encounter how to make the evaluation of the impact of the purchase

in the previous article "e-commerce website product reviews on the impact of the user’s purchase decision," said the e-commerce website evaluation of the product to the user to purchase a positive impact on decision-making. A lot of B2C E-commerce mall also attaches great importance to the evaluation of goods, users are expected to be able to buy in a timely manner after the purchase of goods to comment.

however, consumers are inert, few people will be very active in the purchase of goods for evaluation. Most people will not go to the site until they place an order and receive the goods, until they are on the next purchase or browse for other information. I am a good old customer, but I never go to evaluate the goods I buy, even though I can receive every time I received the email I hope to be able to evaluate.

this contradiction can not be eliminated, unless those B2C e-commerce city can take some measures. For example, take the reward positive evaluation to the user, but by a certain time, redeem gift or purchase value-added services or participate in the smoke prize, and so on, this is not the only one. At present, as far as I know, Jingdong products have similar integral access function.

but for those small and medium-sized B2C E-commerce mall, the cost is still too high. It uses a lower cost method, directly registered users to publish their own comments. This method is simple and low cost. But this is a form of deception.

maybe a lot of people will say, those small and medium-sized B2C E-commerce mall strength is weak, the lack of funds, such as a matter of course to the original, "happiness is the way". But I don’t think so (maybe because I’m a paranoid perfectionist), and I think that’s the real meaning of the evaluation. The evaluation of the product should be the purchase of the consumer goods or the merits of the praise, or criticism of the shortcomings, perhaps also includes the evaluation of the mall service. If these evaluations are not true, then those who have not purchased the goods fell into the trap of these stores in the mall.

on these false evaluation practices, those powerful B2C e-commerce business what is the solution?

I think there is, that is "brand". Brand building, which is also the strength of B2C e-commerce has been working in recent years. Those bosses hope such a situation: a consumer in a commodity browsing a small B2C E-commerce mall, and the product evaluation is very good, is the 5 star product, but he turned to, or go to the mall to buy Jingdong, good service, great brand.

bingo, Liu Qiangdong laughed.

PS: indeed the last 2 paragraphs that advertising suspects, but I just want to express a meaning, not him.

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