Defects of Taobao evaluation system

Taobao is undoubtedly the boss on the market, but if he does not correct their shortcomings, it is possible to have ah and other competitors to go beyond, think Taobao evaluation system problems.

1, bad experience

when I was in the Taobao to the seller when the evaluation of the Taobao system requires that I must give the reasons for poor evaluation, and give praise is no reason to enter. I don’t think it’s a good experience.

as Franky mentioned in "comments shocked news", commented the person does not have to express their views, most of the time is the expression of an attitude, support or opposition is a kind of evaluation, not to say the specific reason.

Taobao’s starting point may be good, I hope the seller can be improved from the buyer’s feedback. But in fact, if the buyer really has something to say, he will say, there is no need to force – can not be submitted to the grounds.

Alipay has a bad experience, see "the Internet makes you more agitated".

2, the pursuit of deformity

The Taobao

C2C shopping platform is my life in the market, if you find a restaurant food taste is not good, you may tell your neighbors, tell your friends, a mass ten, ten hundred, the restaurant will become more and more bad reputation.

Taobao scoring system may have to do is this effect, the survival of the fittest, so as to bring protection to buyers, but also make it difficult for new sellers to survive, this is another kind of Matthew effect.

however, the seller does not like Taobao’s idea, they do not want fair and don’t really want, what they want is praise, as long as there is praise, they have more opportunities, more opportunities, they can better survive. They have a natural aversion to bad reviews, innate fear, they have no choice but to eliminate bad reviews.

so, the pursuit of praise become deformed, the pursuit of this deformity beyond everyone’s imagination, and some sellers will develop these deformities to the point of metamorphosis, so that the following things happen:

(1) telephone harassment. A few months of telephone harassment, if you leave a home phone, he may also harass your family

(2) send disgusting items. As previously mentioned, fecal mingbi.

(3) will write your phone in public places, plus a certificate of two words.

(4) seller will disclose your personal information on the internet. welcome to apply for links

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