2014 the vertical electricity supplier to go


text / Bian Haifeng

2013, the vertical electricity supplier collective silence.

relative to 2012, the vertical electricity supplier in 2013 almost no sound. Even sometimes have a voice, is also mostly negative news, such as "Mcglaughlin will be delisting, where the debt crisis" "red red children don’t like" bad mouthing reports, we must ask what vertical electric


of course, the decline in the media attention of the vertical electricity supplier is also related to the rapid changes in the Internet, after all, the media are chasing hot spots. Not only is the media hot pursuit, capital, talents are the hot pursuit of the "hot spot", some industry startups taking VC money will give you wages doubled, then people also follow to the "hot" industry, this is the so-called herding. This peak Brother feeling deep, because many of the people around the peak of the game is turned from the electricity supplier, and then turned to the mobile Internet, and now they turn to the Internet banking, big data companies.

look at various comprehensive Internet Conference in 2013, almost all of the forum less electricity supplier, it is replaced by the "big data", "Internet banking" and "O2O" is the concept of some of the current stage of the fire. Feng Feng believes that these concepts will not be replaced over the next two years, which is the development of the Internet, we can not change it, only to obey it.

vertical electric business itself is a pseudo proposition actually peak brother always felt that "vertical" itself is a false proposition, that is a concept with "Internet thinking" is the same concept, and these concepts are those for another purpose of people. From the perspective of FA experience, the creation or application of these concepts, are to get the attention of investors to apply these concepts, said the direct point is to finance.

this is the Lei Jun standing on the air, pigs will fly, sometimes the wind is not big enough, these people will "make the wind". By making the wind, had only $2 million in the project can be melted into the tens of millions of dollars, the market value has also turned over several times.

You look at the

LuxeHome network, serves network, vip.com, jumei.com, brewmaster network, good music to buy the so-called vertical electricity supplier you will find that their business model is just a "box" process, in the process of brands to sell goods to the internet. Because they are completely limited by the supply of goods, they can not build competitive barriers. These electricity supplier is not so much a vertical electricity supplier, it is better to say that the brand is the distribution channel or the supplier of electricity supplier operators. If this is the case, then do these electricity providers do?

brands can do it themselves, after all, unlike the traditional retail network, as well as the cost of rental stores.

look at where the customer, PPG, Portsmouth, cotton and masamaso etc. another vertical electricity supplier, you >

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