Ali Su Ning hand over the first collaboration transcripts but their suppliers said looks beautiful

looks like Ali and Suning need to hand over the next "report card" to give their suppliers more confidence.


source: Vision China

After 10 months of marriage

, Ali and Suning decided to work together to show some of the results of cooperation.

June 1st, Ali and Suning held a strategic cooperation conference in Beijing, which is also the second in August last year, after the two companies strategic mutual investment, the first time the specific circumstances of the cooperation of the unified release.

cooperation between the two sides around the main online and offline stores, logistics and service development. First, in August last year, suning.com and Laox, red children settled in Tmall in September last year, Ali rookie network and Suning logistics docking, a month after the Tmall service station stores in Suning, and in December last year, the two sides exchange staff, realize the joint office in the headquarters of suning.

after a part of the resources docking, the two companies experienced a double eleven and 4· 18 and other large-scale promotional activities, to implement the consumer level, is Ali users may receive from the logistics delivery of products, while Suning users can enjoy Tmall service online.

According to Tmall

Electric City president India wells published data, and Suning has achieved 6000 SKU cooperation, opened in the commodity and service, members of the three aspects, especially in logistics made good progress. The specific performance is that the warehouse resources docking to complete the national first-tier cities, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing city to achieve the six half day service, and the store from mentioning stores nearby, delivery etc..

Ali and Tmall cooperation can be described as the Internet industry’s most watched capital event in 2015. In the bilateral strategic mutual investment news, shares in both companies to achieve substantial growth in the short term, but there are also some analysts on both sides of the "fit" effect is skeptical, even that Suning future can only depend on the development of ali.

from the two companies recently released the latest earnings report, whether it is Ali or Su Ningdu released a more positive signal.


released in early May 2016 fiscal year fourth quarter and full year results, the Chinese retail business platform for the quarter commodity transactions amounted to 742 billion yuan; the fourth quarter revenue of 24 billion 184 million yuan, an increase of 39%. Over the same period, China’s retail platform revenue reached 18 billion 340 million yuan, an increase of 41%, net profit of $7 billion 635 million.

and Suning in 2016 first quarterly report released by the end of April, although recorded a net loss of 296 million yuan, but compared to the same period last year net loss of 331 million yuan has been narrowed. Its revenue was 31 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 8.13%.

in the past year, Alibaba group retail platform total more than 3 trillion yuan. >

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