Ma you put the deification of e commerce

Ma Yun said in twenty-first Century "or electronic commerce or no business can also say" 5-10 you do not do e-commerce you will regret "first listen to give me the feeling is very reasonable, the tide of e-commerce to the enterprise, if not ready to be drowned, but how many people thought what is electronic commerce? E-commerce will change our business model in what form. E-commerce will bring those shocks to our business.

The model and future of


e-commerce is the platform through the Internet media business activities, e-commerce has three main modes: B2B B2C C2C their representatives are: Alibaba, Jingdong, Taobao. We do not know the Electronic Commerce Ma eyes exist in the end what is the mode! But I know on the enterprise e-commerce is the core of things is the network marketing, the Internet is an open platform with tens of thousands of enterprises in the sales promotion of their products on this platform, as a general enterprise how to win in the fierce the competition? Do not rely on price competition, rely on the integrity of the purchase will be? If with the development of electronic commerce, the competition will be more and more enterprises, do you do have price? Do TrustPass members? What competitive enterprises? Some enterprises will say I rely on product competition I have the characteristics of cheap products! The key is to see your potential customers even have no chance.

20/80’s law will be staged on e-commerce


we can imagine, in 10 years after a scenario: the traditional business model in the enterprise is changing, most of the procurement of enterprises through the network.

has a mold manufacturing enterprises want to carry out the business through the Internet, so it spent more than 5000 yuan to build a corporate website. The development of electronic commerce to do marketing promotion, so he was prepared to go to the Alibaba registered as a member, he search found mold manufacturing enterprises have a few million, "he wanted to try to buy only a TrustPass member in the top results, let him down, because of a kind of business with him too much, every possible in the front row, the more than 2 thousand companies have purchased credit pass? He thought I would row in which page more than and 100 page?? users will go to search more than and 100 pages of background data


he went to look at the Baidu search engine, and the Alibaba is almost the same, because of the rapid development of electronic commerce, through the Baidu marketing companies are more and more rare. The pages are Baidu promotion, and promotion of enterprises with their own than to have some characteristics. And the cost of the promotion of too many enterprises due to the price of a lot of money on the key words. So he gave up.

other marketing methods? Advertising alliance, video advertising. Can be a small business of these costs are too high, coupled with some ads have too many false clicks. I put it again. He would like to own a few years ago through their own connections, through information

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