Ali shares Tencent about Taiwanese chain mall Bainaohui computer

August 19th news, according to Taiwan media reports, the blue sky computer group "long strategy" Lin said, the Alibaba, the Tencent is currently in contact with the group to discuss investment group in the mainland chain stores Buynow computer, future cooperation is also expected to include the integration of online and offline.


public information, blue sky computer group (CLEVO) was founded in 1983, is mainly committed to notebook computers, LCD monitors, desktops and tablet PCs and other related products.

Bainaohui (Buynow) blue sky computer group is the largest in the Chinese mainland investment projects, was established in 1998, in the city operates a chain of computer stores, there are about 23 stores.

sources, the Alibaba intends to stake 3 opportunities within Bainaohui, completed in the second half. Tencent stake currently unknown.

blue sky computer group "long strategy" Lin said last year, Alibaba and intime cooperation at the beginning of this year, Southern China city Tencent shares, are cross-border cooperation, integration and best practices, therefore, it will be in the physical channel Bainaohui advantages, and further business partners to create greater synergies.

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