20 million take new pan OL expedition total generation cards right

April 28th, Guangzhou new Fanlian Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to 20 million high first product "network from glacier expedition OL" national card distributor.
is amazing, 20 million price, bought a is in beta during the domestic online games Dianka national distributor, is not too risky?
"OL" positioning for the expedition beautiful Xian Xia online games, with the vast age of gods after the war as the background, the world outlook is very clear. Many game player in the game, enjoy a in ancient times through time and space, the fantasy adventure. More than and 40 different styles of beautiful map, game player can not spend one minute will be able to explore aesthetic realm of misty. While the game in dozens of innovative gameplay features of the system: three fight passion PK, 100 Gang melee King tournament, chaos Wu conference, catch the pet system, antique wedding system…… In the interpretation of the aesthetic, hot PK game concept, to give players a unique gaming experience! Since the
since April 1st opening edge edge online, "OL" expedition online number continues to rise, the district continues to open up, the upcoming May Day holiday on the occasion (May 1st 14:00 PM), "OL" open again two expedition group million new service – Telecom, Netcom [] [] the best battle! At the same time, the official launch of six colorful activities, carrying millions of high ceremony: IPAD PSP, CJ notebook, tickets, massive Q coins, calls and so on!
        at 20 million, the glacier network not crazy! The new pan Federation is not crazy! After all, expedition OL is currently rising rapidly, becoming one of the few experts in the industry quite promising.
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