Jumei com said do a suspected counterfeit goods customer still refused to return

said jumei.com do: suspected counterfeit goods customer still refuses to return

[TechWeb] reported on July 28th news, according to media reports today, jumei.com third party merchants watch Xiang Peng sunny suspected of selling fake issue, jumei.com said in a statement released to buy lucky sunny shop of consumer goods, will provide unconditional return service. But when consumers K customer service to return, but suffered customer service refused. Customer repeatedly claimed that fashion luxury goods shops selling is authentic, and refused to return.

According to Mr. K

TechWeb to provide information on the evening of June 17th, its participation in the jumei.com "sale" orders from the third party shops fashion luxury goods to buy a pair of Burberry brand watches, jumei.com prompt this order by the fashion luxury goods outlets and authorized official delivery in order ".

According to

media reported the contents of the display, in June 15th jumei.com started the round famous sale, behind Armani and Burberry these two brands is lucky sunny.

In June 15th the jumei.com

"one of the famous sale, shoe bags sale in the first column and the position of the second column, it is to the two known as the" lowest whole network "and" official authorization genuine "sale brand — Armani and Burberry. While hiding behind these two brands, is lucky sunny vest." The relevant exposure report said, "but what fashion luxury goods are? Customers were unable to get more information, even if consumers find fake problem, and the information feedback to the United States official customer service hotline, the United States official hotline will pass information to the residents of the building Yanjiao, then by" claiming to be jumei.com. Lucky sunny customer service to customers who call back."

in addition, related logistics data provided by Mr. K in the express delivery of goods, this order can not query the name of the shipper, and the mobile phone company, and this commodity the earliest records show Tongzhou logistics, and the media exposure of Xiang Peng Sunny is located not far from the Tongzhou Yanjiao. In Mr. K and official customer communication, customer service from first to last insist that this product is genuine, and fashion luxury goods instead of lucky sunny, but could not get any evidence.



for the negative news, jumei.com reflect, give a positive response and processing methods, but unfortunately, still covered with the mask, jumei.com did not do the relevant commitments, the United States admitted only on the platform "Xiang Peng sunny exists, and the relationship between the lucky sunny and fashion luxury goods is carefully conceal mentioning. To be sure, that round famous sale jumei.com began in June 15th, there are more suspected fake goods are issued. We still need to jumei.com after a thorough investigation to give consumers a more honest explanation and solution. (An Dong)