Consumers Association double eleven serious violations of the rights and interests of consumers will

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case: "double eleven" serious violations of the rights and interests of consumers will be publicly interviewed electricity supplier

[TechWeb] November 9th news reports, China Consumer Association announced in November 6th, called for "double eleven" period, the electricity supplier shall strictly perform their statutory obligations, forget the promotion of consumer rights, in violation of consumer rights problem is serious, the rectification is not timely, consumers reflect the strong business enterprise, the Consumers Association will be carried out in accordance with public interviews.

Consumers Association pointed out that last year’s data show that behind the bustling online shopping promotion, is the high consumer complaints: the quality of the product, the wrong version of goods courier service is seriously lagging behind, customer service service is difficult to guarantee, Internet fraud has become a typical "take advantage of a weak point, post holiday syndrome".

Association said that the business enterprise should safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the consumer’s point of view, strict product quality control, to ensure that consumers purchase through normal channels of goods or services received with its quality, performance, or duration of use. At the same time, put an end to false propaganda, to ensure that consumers informed choice, to ensure the safety of consumers to pay the process, to avoid personal information leakage and even personal safety risks.

in addition, the association pointed out that "shipments double eleven" period, which belongs to the "sudden" incremental delivery, understaffed, major electricity supplier should advance with the courier company set the "double eleven" during the security plan, timely delivery of consumers. Fulfill legal obligations to ensure timely and effective after-sales service, the legal form of the terms of the contract to ensure fair and reasonable.

electronic business platform should strengthen the supervision of businesses, strengthen publicity consumer protection law, accelerate the seven days no reason to return and other relevant laws and regulations on the implementation of off-site shopping. Do not belong to the seven days no reason to return the goods should be in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, indicating the obvious position, will not be allowed to increase does not meet the "seven days no reason to return the goods, fulfill customer service service obligations.