Liu Qiangdong is not willing to dig profits Jingdong Q4 earnings eight secret

March 1, 2016 (Beijing time), Jingdong released in 2015 Q4 and full year unaudited financial results. 2015 Q4, Jingdong revenue, net loss of 54 billion 600 million and 7 billion 600 million, respectively, in the full year of 2015, Jingdong revenue, net loss of $181 billion 300 million and $9 billion 400 million, respectively.

transaction is the most important financial indicators Jingdong, but it is changing

Jingdong earnings highlights is GMV (total transaction) continued to grow: 2015 Q4 and full year reached 145 billion 300 million and 462 billion 700 million, respectively, an increase of 69% and 77.8% in 2014 compared with an increase of 107.3% in 2013. 2015 growth rate lower than in 2014, higher than the end of the quarter, indicating that Jingdong GMV growth is falling. The day before, some analysts predict 2016 Jingdong GMV growth will fall to 44%, while Tmall and vip.com respectively 36% and 40%. 2015 Tmall GMV 36% is about $44% over the same period, Jingdong GMV is about 200 billion of about $400 billion. If the analyst forecast, 2016 GMV increase of Jingdong for the Tmall 1/2.

of course, the 69% quarter year on year growth is still very high. Because of this, despite deep losses, Jingdong is still in the harsh U.S. capital markets to obtain $36 billion 200 million valuation (according to March 1st closing price). # dangdang.com and jumei.com have complained of being underestimated #

GMV is Jingdong’s most important financial indicators, so that only GMV is expected to give Jingdong valuation will not appear too large deviation. Tiger sniffing November 2015 20 Japan discussed the valuation method based on the GMV growth rate, that Jingdong GMV year on year increase of more than 60%, in order to maintain the market capitalization of $39 billion 550 million. For Jingdong, analysts on 2016 GMV growth forecast of 44% is not good.

GMV is so important that we can not just look at the amount of attention to its metamorphosis.

third party platform transactions accounted for

it is well known that Jingdong’s reputation depends on proprietary business to establish and maintain. Many users are to be achieved on the 85% day and the next day to serve the order to attract, Wang Sicong to buy a computer desk so bad because it will not be screened ah.

third party sellers accounted for more and more high, pulled down the overall shopping experience platform.


2015 Q3 earnings announcement, tiger sniffing in the middle of the article in November 21st to Jingdong GMV third party transactions accounted for more than 45%, there are suggestions to delete the reader. Just Jingdong in 2015 Q4 earnings provided relevant data.

, however, after the removal of the pat transaction volume, Jingdong direct business accounted for only 1 percentage points higher than in 2015: Q4, Jingdong core GMV is (will be patted)