Jiangsu to build cross border nternet plus foreign trade ecosystem quality

lead: to further implement the State Council on the steady growth of the structure, and actively explore the new mode of "Internet plus foreign trade", build Nanjing foreign trade ecosystem quality. In April 12th, Jiangsu cross-border WoSign eCommerce Services Ltd successfully held in Nanjing Chinese · InterContinental Hotel; Nanjing Internet plus foreign trade innovation development forum.

"Internet plus" bring a new atmosphere to the foreign trade

currently, Chinese manufacturing is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, cross-border e-commerce can not only optimize the industrial chain, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to expand space, increase the rate of employment, but also has to reshape the international industrial chain and enhance the competitiveness of the brand, to establish a new order of Global trade for.

[change the value chain structure] in the cross-border e-commerce model, the traditional international trade supply chain more flat, some of the important links in traditional trade is weakened or even replaced. The weakening of these links into alternative producer profits, which in international trade, the proportion of the cost in product price is greatly reduced, "cross-border e-commerce Internet plus foreign trade" help "Chinese manufacturing" profit return.

With the rapid development of

, with the development of global Internet, e-commerce and modern logistics and payment. With the help of e-commerce platform, "made in China" access to the sea is more open, more flexible marketing, cross-border trade more convenient. This can help the majority of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to enter the threshold of international trade and import and export costs greatly reduced, so that small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to grow rapidly.

[] "China highlights manufacturing" advantage "Internet plus foreign trade" can effectively break the monopoly channels, reduce transaction costs, shorten the transaction time, open up new marketing channels, create a brand, enhance brand visibility for Chinese enterprises to provide an effective way. To help traditional foreign trade enterprises to the development of high value-added research and development, sales and service as well as the establishment of independent brand transformation and upgrading, and enhance their core competitiveness of foreign trade enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

[pull service trade development] foreign trade integrated service platform through one-stop service, to ensure the completion of the transaction at the same time to meet the requirements of the management of foreign trade cross-border differences between countries. Comprehensive services trade through systematic and process operation, complete one-stop customs clearance, tax, logistics, foreign exchange, financing all the process of foreign trade services for small and micro enterprises in foreign trade, to respond to China’s foreign trade situation of small and micro enterprises to participate in large quantity, low operation efficiency, professional degree is weak, the ascension of the whole small and micro enterprises in foreign trade efficiency.

2016 new ideas for the development of open economy in our city

2016 is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, Nanjing also promote innovative and service-oriented, hub, open type, ecological "five oriented economy" development is the key for the year. "13th Five-Year" period, the city will make full use of the "Internet plus" mode, the development mode of foreign trade. Efforts to adjust and optimize the trade structure, improve foreign trade by >