Online shopping regulatory regulations will be introduced in March 15th

[TechWeb] January 4th news, CCTV thirteen sets of weekly quality report column aired today, a new initiative to see online shopping program. Zhang Mao, director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce said in the program, in order to protect the interests of consumers, the new online shopping regulatory approach violations of consumer rights punishment approach will be introduced in March 15th. The new approach to the behavior of the operators against the interests of consumers and the corresponding penalties made specific provisions.

new approach provides that violations of consumer rights violations alleged crime, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions, transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility. The administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall, in accordance with the law, impose administrative penalties on the business operators, which shall be credited to the credit archives of the business operators, and shall be announced to the public in a timely manner through the enterprise credit information publicity system. This is equivalent to the basis of the publicity operators credit stain.

approach to the consumer 7 days no reason to return the right to exercise the provisions of the delay, no reason to refuse to type, with a negative list of ways to clear the specific implementation of standards and methods.

for the protection of personal information, the new regulations, operators collect, use consumers’ personal information, should follow the legal, legitimate and necessary principles, express the collection, use the information, methods and scope, and by the consent of the consumer.

, according to Zhang Mao, in recent years, the rapid growth of China’s online shopping market, turnover growth remained at 40%-75%. But the growth rate of online shopping complaints is far more than the growth rate of online shopping transactions, on average, online shopping complaints growth rate is more than 2 times the growth rate of online shopping transactions. 2014 1-11 months, has received and processed more than 50 thousand consumer complaints network.

and consumer complaints focused on the issue of false propaganda, counterfeiting, infringement of intellectual property rights, customer service service is not timely and so on, in addition, the disclosure of personal information, delivery is not timely or the goods are damaged is the main complaint.

Zhang Mao believes that the network transaction is different from the physical transaction, with openness, virtualization, cross regional characteristics, the problem is more subtle. Network supervision there found difficult, hard evidence, to solve the objective reality, administrative supervision only often appear, giving full play to the enterprise autonomy, self-discipline, social supervision and other aspects.

in 2014, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has done a lot of work in online shopping supervision, including the development of new "consumer protection law", the new "measures" to carry out the network transaction monitoring, Red Shield network sword special activities, two on the eve of the eleven interviewed 10 large electricity supplier website etc..

Zhang Mao said that in 2015 the consumer online shopping experience will be further improved, let the credit really play the wealth effect, with the introduction of the new approach, a new online shopping point the day and await for it.

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