China in the end point wake up who

recently, the major media coverage of the "China" in 2009 will be written into the global root server news. This news will be a hot debate in the community. So, the Chinese domain name in the end will bring to China what?

is now the world’s total of 13 root servers, covering the global Internet network, each computer generated data streams are cached in here, popular talk is complex and difficult to remember the IP address into our well-known domain name, such as www.Xxxx.com etc.. But these names must be made by the English, that visit a website must input English domain name to see the contents of the corresponding information, for the native speaking Chinese netizens Chinese is very inconvenient. The introduction of Chinese domain names allows users to access the Internet through the importation of Chinese, in line with the actual needs of the Chinese people.

at present, China has a population of about 1 billion 400 million, of which the number of Internet users is 253 million. According to the relevant agencies predict the number of Chinese Internet users will surge in the Chinese domain name. This trend is bound to account for 99% of the proportion of SMEs in the country to bring huge business opportunities. Mainone company information service providers in the country’s largest relevant responsible person said: "in the next 2 years or even longer period of time, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises will face difficulties in the economic crisis, the contradiction between cost control and marketing spending is particularly prominent. Enterprises should continue to reduce the opening of capital, control costs, but also for corporate marketing, stimulating growth in performance. We need to save money, but also open source. The introduction of the Chinese domain name, will enable the rapid access to the Chinese Internet, network marketing because of its low price, good results will enter a strong period. The policy of stimulating domestic demand in 4 trillion countries will also boost the process, which brings huge business opportunities for smes."

it is understood that in order to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises to quickly enter the information, strengthen self promotion, in order to cope with the negative effects brought about by the economic recession requirements, many companies are upgrading of its products, the upgraded website can bind multiple Chinese domain. Binding Chinese domain name website, access speed has been improved to give visitors a new experience. In addition, the binding site in Chinese domain, will soon be the major search engines, because now is the early development of Chinese domain name registration, also relatively less, competitive pressure is relatively small, this is a good time to seize the opportunity of the small and medium sized enterprises. This powerful network marketing capability is the strongest in China, the Chinese domain name binding services to SMEs has brought unlimited business opportunities for China’s enterprise information construction has made a contribution.

Chinese domain name into the global root server has epoch-making significance, he reflects the position of China in the world, shows that China’s Internet development degree, also shows that China’s Internet contains huge business opportunities. ". Chinese" will set off a hitherto unknown network marketing war, the main market for the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises, who can find a suitable network marketing sword, who can seize the opportunity to bridge.

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