Music as a super TV sales of nearly one million advertising revenue reached 10 million

[Abstract] LETV TV version of the day to play the amount exceeded 10 million, the next step will be modular TV, into a customizable product.

Tencent science and technology news (Fan Rong) today, music, as announced super TV sales close to 1 million units, which is the music as the TV industry to give the answer given in 1 years. For new entrants to the television industry, 1 million is a key threshold. Music as TV said the future will maintain an annual growth rate of 100%.

music as the mall Zhao Yicheng said, as the next step will be music television modular, customizable products. Users have the right to choose and customize the TV, including the appearance, audio-visual, performance, intelligent storage space, the contents of the six modules.

"this will change the original TV production model." Peng Gang, vice president of music as television, said the traditional TV sales and simply sell the hardware model will gradually disappear.

Peng Gang also revealed that LETV TV version of the day to play the amount exceeded 10 million, the current music as TV has a $10 million advertising revenue. Music as television with the development of the scale, including the establishment of content to pay (including user renewal rates), application sharing, advertising revenue and other revenue models.

last year today, LETV S60, S40 super TV officially announced the opening of the purchase, 1 years time, LETV launched X60, S40, S50, MAX70, X50air, S40, air, S50air 7 models of products are in stock, the whole process of direct sales + sale mode of the user, to redefine the original sales.

"if you just sell TV, the market is getting smaller and smaller." Peng Gang believes that music as the TV will continue to break the original ecology, redefining the tv.

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