T quietly launched new group purchase website

news July 25th, new IT recently enabled the top-level domain name, named "Hainan group purchase group purchase", officially entered the market.

reporter login found that Hainan is currently open to buy the Haikou station, Sanya station and the national station.



group purchase offer products not only in Hainan, the special environment of the Internet between Hainan, Hainan group purchase products to for the majority, they launched the local products and local products more than other city, Hainan focus group purchase major brands of cooperation, the introduction of low-priced products. Such as cosmetics, imported snacks, travel packages, etc..

Hainan group with many domestic buy site almost no difference, but also to imitate the Groupon model, but the difference is that not a day to launch a period, but according to the characteristics of the product a few days a.


, sina IT, the new Sohu have joined Taobao, Jingdong, and these large online shopping mall group purchase water, hundred regiments will be more intense.

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