8 questions about the video sharing site

What would you say if you were asked to give the following definition? (eldest brother, try to detail Oh)

    Podcast: audio (sound) color (video) Internet applications and has the potential to become the next major wave of profitable applications

2, when did you come to the podcast? What does it feel like?
    October 2005, the feeling is very good, especially the website provides many humorous and user creation of excellent video and TV programs, completely different feeling, fully appreciate the
    what is the feeling of power. All television that rigid and monotonous feeling, feeling very promising.

3, currently there are many podcasts, if you do not know, check for me, I don’t get the data of
  authority;   if only the calculation of video sharing or podcast website, now is on the number, the strength may survive in the future a year down the net station of not more than 30 (not the calculation of P2P,
 ) webcast website;   broadcast and video sharing website is not the same site (uusee, MySee, PPLive, ppstream etc., live webcast website website), just put the TV programs onto the Internet, and
  users;   compare the strength of the podcast website as follows:;
    http: //;;;

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