Suning flash sold 7 sets of housing the highest single turnover of 1 million 520 thousand


technology news November 11th afternoon news, Suning revealed today at the second annual O2O Shopping Festival, Ning home to Suning flagship store in the form of real estate listings show on suning.com, and launched in Nanjing, Wuxi, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Panjin city 10 sets of selling houses in the Tesco flash shot auction channel, as of now has successfully sold 7 sets of houses.

, who lives in Nanjing Xuanwu Ms. Zhou after 37 minutes of fighting 268 bids, the final with her husband’s account in Suning flash shot channel with 1 million 206 thousand bid auction value of 1 million 384 thousand yuan in Nanjing Su Ningrui city commercial housing. The summer of Wuxi is "shoot" to a set of 144.93 square meters house. At 14:12 the maximum amount of a single birth, the price of 1 million 524 thousand and 600 beat Xuzhou Suning Plaza three bedroom two Wei Siyang set.

Suning flash shot person in charge of the channel, the real estate channel is landing the flash shot, suning.com began the first joint real estate business cross-border cooperation, the average cost of housing to attract hundreds of people to participate in the auction, tens of thousands of people watching, have very good effect on the drainage channel and flash shot auction merchants and other suning.com products and activities.

as of 11 pm to 18 points, the overall number of suning.com sales grew 487%, sales grew 735% open platform. Of which more than 38.9% of the orders from the Tesco client, easy to pay treasure user number of new users 13 million 700 thousand. 24462 towns users from suning.com shopping, covering more than 71.5% of the township market.

in the sea of Japan outsourcing, digital products, outstanding American health products and cosmetics, including a red Canon SLR kit sold 3572, a PHILPS electric shaver 3019, American bee (Burt’s Bees) Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream sold 967.

After the

business of the carnival, a game also began logistics express. Suning to provide data show that the double 11 day of the morning to the point of order from 0 to the order of delivery reached 98.3%, of which the proportion of stores from mentioning in about 25%. (Zhang Nan)

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