The 20 million investment E Drive could revive the 58 city stock treasures

recently, because of not ideal in the U.S. stock market performance, the 58 city public opinion become fodder, more media began to the 58 city previously announced in the 2014 Conference on the strategic investment strategy question, but in this case, the 58 city investment strategy after a period of time has gradually began to appear. The $20 million investment announced the first e-generation driving be O2O in the field of a heavy news, a new wave of public solidarity began.

58 city listed on the first anniversary of

a few days is the 58 city listed on the first anniversary of the day, from the price trend, the past year, 58 city experienced two roller coaster, in March after the first peak began to decline, and in June returned to the peak and then decline trend.

58 city two shares respectively from the peak of 2013 full year earnings turnaround and Tencent investment news, planing to greatly stimulate the two news that the share price soared to more than $50, 58 in the past year the share price remained at about 35 to $45, the overall performance should be considered stable the.

If the

of the 58 city listed on the first anniversary of a summary, I can only say that the most important to do three things, first, has established the leading market position listed first (at least on the leading image is undisputed); second, holding sufficient capital reserves before the reform period of life services for transformation using the outbreak third, the introduction of Tencent; investment, direct access to the mobile Internet entrance access. These three things are the most important three things, 58 city listed on the first anniversary of the completion of course, the other one after another thing is very important, but unlike the three things like life and death effect.

first, the first listing of the 58 city to help establish a strong brand image, both in the United States stock market or listed in the domestic public opinion, can have a positive impact on the 58 brand image, at least in the United States is the main standard of the domestic Internet companies, there are trees beacon bar, if the market is currently the first. The situation upside down is not possible.

second, I wonder if you have no clear sense, recently this year, especially in the first half of this year, whether it is public or capital market on the field of life services O2O the focus began to change, everyone in the attention on the development of O2O vertical field, and in the moment before the advent of the 58 city has to carry out related business, and through the issuance of Tencent and the introduction of investment, investment holding nearly enough cash to cope with the market changes.

third, the introduction of Tencent investment, from a strategic perspective is a major mobile Internet entrance, from the actual value on the effective use of city traffic acquisition costs will be reduced by 58 and can enhance the service rate, which is critical for the long-term development of the city’s 58. Not currently do not see entrance into the 58 Tencent of mobile terminals, the reason is that both sides are not fully prepared to win users favor on-line only a waste of opportunity in the preparation of.

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