How to integrate brand marketing communication

Integrated marketing communications (Brand Integrated Marketing

brand Communication referred to as BIMC) is a direct impact on consumer purchase behavior as the goal, starting from the market demand, around the core brand, case integration communication effective use of all promotional methods. 2005 e-commerce marketing expert Huang Xiangru put forward a new concept: the integration of network information era, brand marketing must be added to the overall marketing communication on e-commerce and network marketing, integrated marketing is a global brand marketing strategy formulation and execution, it is from the planned measurement and modify the process of brand communication persuasion, the audience, including the participants consumers and other stakeholders.

BIMC is to integrate all resources inside and outside the enterprise as a means of restructuring the production behavior and market behavior of enterprises, and fully mobilize all positive factors, to realize the goal of enterprise, comprehensive and consistent marketing. In short, is the integration of marketing. Integrated marketing claims all business activities, such as procurement, production, communication, public relations, product development, e-commerce, network marketing, whether it is business strategy, methods, or specific operation, should be unified integration and reorganization, to enable enterprises to achieve a high degree of consistency, in each link closely with the combination of common marketing.

to understand BIMC, you must understand the following aspects:

1) the starting point of integrated marketing is the market demand, is consumer oriented; it changes the transfer mode of traditional marketing communication, spread through the process of feedback and communication, to achieve two-way communication. Effective communication has further established the relationship between enterprises, brands and consumers.

2) integrated marketing aims to establish relationship marketing, the brand with all contact points of enterprises as an information communication channel, it is not for all consumers, but according to the specific period and the consumer’s understanding and grasp, measures and communication process according to the demand characteristics of this kind of target consumers and take the.

3) the core of integrated marketing around the brand, communication is based on consumer demand as the center, every link is based on the recognition of consumers, although BIMC can also influence or radiation to potential consumers, but will not deviate from their target consumers.

4) integrated marketing communication is that marketing is communication, marketing, advertising is not only necessary, but also the flexible use of promotion, public relations, packaging, and many other Internet communication methods, combining them to provide services, brand.

5) integrated marketing is a kind of dual communication, from the standpoint of the consumer to carry out business activities, and to build a way of communication, in an easy way to provide consumers with the necessary information.

enterprises to carry out the key points of brand integrated marketing communication:

1) focuses on integration, which is mainly used for marketing

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