Suning com or disclosure of personal information to Nanjing court has accepted

one of the user’s payment voucher


technology news March 4th noon news, today morning, 5 consumers on "personal information leakage caused by shopping fraud", the collective prosecution of suning. The case involved nearly 240 thousand yuan, Nanjing Xuanwu District Court has accepted the case.

the 5 of consumers said that shopping orders on the website, criminals counterfeit Suning service name, tell the exact name, order number, consumers buy goods name, purchase time, payment amount, the consignee to name and address of receiving order details, so as to carry out fraud.

5 users said that the collective rights to join the QQ group of consumers a total of more than and 200 people, the total amount of more than 2 million cheated. The victim did not agree on compensation and Suning, so to the court.

reason is that the victim, victim fraudsters obtain detailed personal information, failed to keep the personal information of consumers, even as personal privacy with order information.

victims are required to take measures to prevent consumer orders and other personal information continues to leak, compensation for the economic losses caused to consumers, 10 consecutive days to apologize to consumers on their home page.

in fact, such as domestic e-commerce sites such as user information leakage caused by the theft of user information has been repeated incidents of criminals, the case is the first case of the electricity supplier industry personal information rights cases.

sina science and technology on the matter interviewed well-known IT lawyer Zhao Zhanling, he believes that the difficulty lies in the case of proof. Because the user information may have been different platforms, suppliers and other links, so it is difficult to identify information leaks appear in the platform link.

Zhao occupation said, determine if the disclosure of user information directly from the platform, while Suning with not engaged in fraud, but still need to effectively protect the privacy of the users pay for the joint liability and compensation.

Zhao also occupy the same time to remind consumers, after experiencing Internet fraud, should take the legal rights and interests of reporting, forensics and other interests.

by the deadline, not to respond to this matter, Sina Technology will continue to track the progress of the case. (odd)

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