The electronic commerce industry around the investigation sellers earned 1 million

several entrepreneurial team, groping for one or two years, you will be able to achieve annual revenue of more than one million yuan. Science and technology Tencent recently found that e-commerce upstream or peripheral link, is attracting a large number of entrepreneurs to participate, although they don’t sell consumer goods, but by "selling" service model can also earn pours.

had talked about electronic commerce, we always think of the Alibaba, Taobao, on such a large C2C platform, think of the millions of small network operators; think of Dangdang, excellent and famous B2C website, may also remember best Jingdong and other segments of the red child. However, these "gold digger" is not the whole e-commerce.

Tencent technology survey, in addition to the final consumer oriented website, there are also a large number of domestic gold to sell water service companies, such as online software development, website alliance, domain name service, network marketing, price comparison service etc.. A large number of entrepreneurs are flocking to these areas, have launched a search for wealth.

this "selling" game in the end is how it works, e-commerce industry chain around the real environment? Tencent technology through to the online survey software vendors and website interview, trying to uncover the true face of some friends.

story: a small "couple file"

in fact, many entrepreneurs to enter this area are aimed at demand, they had not even expected, this kind of business is actually quite profitable.

interviewed Wang Qicheng (a pseudonym) is a typical example. Wang graduated from a famous university in the country, was a website editor, in the second half of 2007 to leave the business, and his girlfriend founded a shop software development company. After more than two years of hard work, and now his company has hundreds of small customers, these customers are mostly sellers site.

Wang Qicheng every day to do is to promote the development of online shop software system. Through this software, the domestic small and medium sellers can be in Taobao, pat and other C2C sites, the establishment of their own e-commerce site. This site is small, but the function is perfect, to provide commodity inventory management, order management, payment management and other means.

although the number of domestic shop software development and service companies a lot, Wang Qicheng can still find their customers in a large number of small sellers. Most of the customer’s demand is very simple, is to build a common e-commerce site, commonly used software programs to meet the demand. However, there are a lot of customers prefer personalized, Wang Qicheng must continue to optimize and make changes for these customers.

of course, for different customer needs and services, Wang Qicheng charges are not the same: from a few hundred dollars to more than a few thousand dollars. Although each list is not large, but in accordance with the number of hundreds of customers, Wang Qicheng’s husband and wife stalls can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


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