Sea Amoy rights can only recognize planted Legislation on the road consumers need to be cautious

sea Amoy rights can only " recognize planted " legislation on the road consumers need to be cautious

TechWeb reported in March 30th this week / color

"children" grow up ", not to the sea Amoy milk" and "Hey, so it is specially to buy American made Shandong pancakes", "packaging in three layer and three layer, but not resolved is not genuine"…… The popular sea Amoy family, this has become a Tucao normal conversation.

ran high quality and inexpensive promotional gimmicks, more and more people choose overseas shopping site shopping spree. But when it comes to cross-border purchase customer service rights, many sea Amoy family have a bitter tears. And do not say the quality of the goods themselves, but the communication is not smooth with the merchant and the other side of the delivery is not timely and so on, want to complain rights, do not know who to look good.

sea Amoy family was injured after the sale of the heart

work in a financial institution of Ms. Li is a deep experience of Master Amoy capital, Tmall, Amazon, Amazon international Chinese America, Jingdong, jumei.com, ocean terminal, honey bud baby, almost all large and small sea Amoy business platform. She found that almost all of the electronic business platform is now 7-14 days to deliver the goods, but almost no one can achieve logistics commitments, have to wait for more than a month.

Lee said he received the goods after never go back, even if not appropriate or recognize. She used to help colleagues in a sea Amoy electricity supplier platform back goods, need to fill in a very long form in English, courier fees also take care of themselves, and then simply give up. She says, the return process of domestic electricity supplier 7 days no reason to return and sea Amoy business platform is a world of difference.

fact, Ms. Lee’s experience in the sea Amoy family is very representative. An online data sharing, scouring the sea shipment to transfer from the official website of 5-7 days, 7-10 days transport to the customs, customs clearance will take some time, after the domestic transport is estimated to 3-4 days, if you catch the stock website just need to wait a week or so, a lap down a month passed.

for the sea Amoy family, if the consumer rights are violated, subject to a variety of objective factors, it is not easy to adults. Although the sea Amoy goods have after-sales service, but it is often difficult to achieve cross-border factors. On the one hand, although the majority of overseas shopping website free return policy, but there is a time limit, time consuming and expensive freight. On the other hand, in the sale of rights will encounter language barriers, time lag and other issues. Therefore, many people choose to wash the sea when you can only give up to enjoy the preparation of after-sales service.

"disputes between return, quality disputes, consumer purchasing are common complaints of sea Amoy family." China Internet association credit assessment center legal counsel Zhao occupation lawyer told TechWeb.

in addition, the sea Amoy also involves cross-border payments, >

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